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Thrown from a moving car at around one, Nicholas Dale Taylor’s first memory is an image of asphalt, grey and hard.

Nicholas is from East Tennessee, a small farm town named Rutledge about 30 minutes East of Knoxville, TN.  His second memory is from around age 3 when he asked his mother, “Mommy, who’s the girl with Daddy?  The girl in the purple dress?”  This turned out to his father’s mistress, Deanna, and the divorce of mother Rebecca Jane Taylor and Gary Dale Taylor ensued.  Without a cumbersome, controlling father type, the child was able to develop more freely.  At home in the fields and forests behind his house, the young one would run and play with imaginary spirits of the woods and grow to have many magical, inexplicable experiences and encounters with extreme natural phenomenon and even the supernatural.  However blessed he would become in some respects his shadow side still haunts him through vivid images of a physically abusive uncle and a sexually abusive first step-father.  Still, he survived and is stronger and highly empathic.  He was been called a hyper-sensitive.

He began playing piano at the age of five, became immersed in the art of storytelling at the age of eight and started playing trumpet at the age of eleven. While attending Joppa Elementary he shied away from athletics while excelling in the arts and academics leading numerous groups such as 4-H Club (cute no?) and the Learn and Serve Community.  He happily graduated the 8th grade with highest honors, numerous awards in public speaking, and only two or three traumatic experience evoked by the narrow-minded, easily tractable “fag bashers.”

Rutledge High School proved difficult to survive as Nick’s effeminate side left him target to rallies of bullies and their mostly idle but nonetheless unsettling threats.  However, as a band geek writing for the school paper and managing the year book development he was not without his support groups, loved friends and forever memories.  Memories such as band director Chuck Sayne and all his hard teachings (regardless of his views on male drum majors), waking moments such as with Lisa’s pregnancy and timely crushes on one Kevin Buchmeier and Brandon what’s his name.  Knowing nothing would come to fruition with either of these chaps, he remained focused on his studies.  Withdrawing from friends as a junior was sparked from increasing hate from jocks and a sever acne problem which was no doubt systemic from the ongoing stress centered around his conflicting sexual urges and instilled dogmatic beliefs.  His senior year brought some elation as he quit the band and started focusing on drama all the while becoming more and more confident as a sexual being.  He would like to thank ProActive Solution for playing its part.   With some style as the “Best Dressed,” Superlative, he promptly graduated third in his class and after stepping off the platform turned his class ring around to face the world where it still remains.  But what of college for this lower-class intellectual?

Fortunately, a wonderful counselor, Gwen Ledford, secured the poor farm boy a work-scholarship to a local community college, Walters State, so the young man could continue his education with voracious intent.  Here he met his life mentor, Dennis Elkins who continues to be an endearing second father this very day.  It is he who cast me in my first main-stage production, A Christmas Carol. It was also during this time that the young man fell in love for the very first time with a young man by the name of Matt.  Unable to confess his romantic feeling the two continued to hang out, growing closer, far to close for the comfort of a self-proclaimed sociopath who later threatened to kill Nicholas explaining in graphic detail how he would enjoy, “stomping his face on the road just to watch [him] bleed for [his] own personal pleasure.”  So much for love.  Afterward, he experienced a three month depression, a place where he finds himself now and again to this very day.

more to come…

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  1. Dillon permalink
    May 15, 2011 13:57

    Heavy stuff.

    Had no Idea about a lot of things you’ve been through.

    You’re a strong individual.

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