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Make Me Feel Me Again

February 13, 2015

like a dark rift, scattered so long so far,

I fell, a part here a part there, like a robot

I feel apart from myself

sucking up all the light I could without knowing from whence it came

that light wasn’t good for me…

a part, apart, divided indeed, that little angel fell from the sky

and then the next, and the next and the next and the next

left and lost without feeling me.

make me feel

Your passion reminds me to be me and to be loved as I have loved me and thee.

when I listen to your voice I feel inspired to move.

would standing to dance in public be such a scene?

it tingles up and down, starting with a smile…

a flirty smile from far away

feeling like a boy who flirts with a boy before he thought it was a bad thing

just wanting you and everyone and every moment

make me feel, make me feel me again.

a choir of angels lean down to wipe clear the clouds

foggy clouds pressing down

your face lights like a sun, wish your eyes invite like open pearly gates

I see you with her and know it’s a love that love allows and it’s a very good thing…

no green eyed monster or one eyed monster makes me stray from just feeling good

feeling good when I shake from the sounds you make

making me feel me again.

just one more beat, one more note, one more vision

it’s all it will take

away from the cheap touch, launched into the sun

I feel warm again so careful you don’t get burned my lovely

it’s just me and you, make me, making you

making you feel me, making me feel you…

making me feel me again.

Sing for us you lovely angel; sing for us all.


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