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Growing Up Here

July 5, 2012

Recently, I took on the biggest project and personal undertaking to date. Some of the most meaningful hearts I know are tied together in the new feature length film, We Grew Up Here. Day five proved time for my stepping on board as their Assistant Director.

Interesting role for me as I essentially make a schedule that people never reference unless I’m verbally shouting through the ears of all the various departments (in addition to making sure the film actually gets shot).

Speaking of shooting, I’m surprised more people didn’t want to shoot me on this project. My title is kind of head bitch meets nurturing father type excelled in emotional management. Enough of me, here’s some other associated visages.

A familiar face for some years now, Kevin Pickman hashed from his brain, Liam, a young man from the fictitious Tanglewood, Kansas who loses both his home and his love as they are wiped from reality once he leaves for Chicago. Along with me and a great help to both mine and Kevin’s sanity is Stefeni Tormanen. Next I met, one Andrew Neel, the stranger in the mix for me (the three aforementioned collectively created 15 in the Dark). I met some other great strangers including everyone’s favorite, Patrick Bresnahan, brilliant, local photographer Josh Ohms, Kevin’s brother Caleb (a.k.a. Corbin, Casey, Clint, and all name’s that begin with “C” omitting Cody), Cody White our amazing DP and some great local performers, Ann Sonneville and Amy Hunt. Perhaps, the greatest part was knowing I was creating something with two of my favorite souls on the planet, Eric Michaels and Kate Schell (BFF) from Paper Thick Walls.

Along the creative road, I made a bunch of little “Behind The Scenes Journal,” entries (BHTS) hashtagged #WeGrewUpHere which anyone can check out by finding and following me on Social Cam or Vimeo (as they become updated). You can check out the website for details about the movie and subscribe here as my weekly endeavor will be to reveal the dirt, gossip, sex flings, panic attacks and true, dire situations that left some of our company in tears. You’ll learn about how Caleb’s teeth got knocked out, how Stef and I talked about everyone behind their backs as soon as they walked away and the unforgettable day when the Gods came into play during a daunting game of “Needle in the Hay Stack.”

These words will pile on high in weeks to come. Have your eyes ready as this thirty-one year old self-identified philanthropist and nadleehi continues to grow up while reminiscing of times on set for an awesome Chicago Indie Film, We Grew Up Here.

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