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Silent House

March 19, 2012
Silent House

Silent House

This category has been silent for a while so what better way to break that than with a review of the new horror flick, Silent House. I will keep this brief to avoid spoilers but in a nutshell, this is worth seeing. Now, albeit there will be some of you who disagree with me after seeing the ending and the inevitable “turn” that most thrillers follow these days. Nonetheless, many things to commend here including the performance by the upcoming star Elizabeth Olson. Some of you may know her as the younger sister of those loved/hated twins Mary Kate and Ashley but I say do not discredit this gal’s skill simply because you may be bias against her family name. And get used to seeing her. Throughout this not so silent, scary shoot the camera is locked to her face a good 65 percent of the time and she holds it well. Not only that but she is locked in for many projects including Kill Your Darlings, Very Good Girls and Therese Raquin. Back to the movie at hand, after getting back to some typical establishing moments this film had me shifting in my seat watching the young girl bite down on her hand in terror. The fright centers on the true threat of unwelcome squatters in a home the family has decided to sell. Real people. Real threats. Real crazy minds. No ghosts or aliens or such. Anyone who enjoyed the film High Tension will get a good, welcome jolt from these scares. Even if you’re one of the people in the audience who views the ending and goes “that was stupid,” I trust you will still get the entertainment value for your dollar. Catch Silent House if you’re tired of sitting around the familiar house with lofty silence. The slight rush of adrenaline may do you good.

And if you need one more scare check out Daniel Radcliffe in The Woman in Black.

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