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3, 2, 1 Sendoff 3-1-2

March 12, 2012
312 Beer

312 New Cans

Walking into a bar this early in the day is a welcome rarity when it happens to be The Hideout for the annual South by Southwest Send Off Party opening with personal favorite Paper Thick Walls. This musical extravaganza held twelve awesome bands on stage spanning a near 14 hour music window starting at 1:30p.m. … which is when I pulled up a stool to the bar.

Awesomely enough, Chicago’s own 312 beer chose this event to launch their new cans. Just think! When they release the new can (that would be today, 3/12) you can have a 312… in can form. Now that you’ve had a beer back to Paper Thick Walls.

What mortar does it take to build a band with a unique, awesome sound. For Paper Thick Walls mortar blend Radio Head, Cat Power, Bat for Lashes and a hint of Regina Spektor then a hefty dash of Sufjan Stephans and voila! You hear infused mellifluous sounds building from this five-piece band. Lead voices and writers Kate Schell and Eric Michaels are accompanied by a kick-ass upright bass player, Roger Sherman, the jack of many instruments Jacques and killer drummer Andrew Sabo. Their debut album A Thousand Novels shares many beautiful, moving stories of melody. Speaking of stories, this bunch is never lacking source material for passion as our lead singers not only land lovely notes but are also very much in love. What a lovely way to open a party.


Paper Thick Walls

The line-up included some amazing local talent including Redgrave, party sensation Hollywood Holt (these guys raised the bar for a good time) and stand out name Kids These Days! For a full list of talent and future events check out And if you missed this year I say unto thee do not miss this awesome party in 2013!

Wishing everyone in route for SXSW in Austin TX a safe journey and a stay full of fantastic sounds. Enjoy today’s weather and the new 312 beer and for more on my recommended band visit Happy March and stay safe this St. Patrick’s Day!

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