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Leaping Into March

February 29, 2012
nothing to do with this article

nothing to do with this article... just random

What an auspicious day, a day that was missing from last year and the year before that and if math serves me well, the year before that. Having been absent from my own personal writing for some time I felt it was only appropriate to begin with a rant… but yeah, it’s a rant about my life, so, I won’t edit it.

I paused before starting this sentence then remembered that I just needed to rant. Let’s see. Therapy is going well. It’s opened my eyes to a lot of darker demons that I had yet to look in the face and also given me more reasons to smile. I just got a call but I’ll dual process as we city folk are expected to do, which means more than likely the integrity of both my conversation and my writing will suffer.

Leaping without looking sounds like a dangerous action, unless you’re a ninja acrobat… ahhh, my final fantasy dreams. Anyway, dreams aside, focus is a good thing and this past almost year has been steps toward seeing more clearly in all senses of being.


again not relevant... just random like an extra day

I want to keep this short cause as people who hear me rant in real-time know, I will go on forever. And I’ll get sidetracked and start talking about this book or that book (like The Alchemist or Look at the Birdie) or this or that game (Deus Ex Human Revolution, Final Fantasy Tactics) or this or that or this or that or this… see I’m doing it… generically, but doing it nonetheless.

To continue in non sequitur fashion a fantastic team of video wizards, Awesomonster and myself have submitted our pilot to the New York Television Film Festival (in conjunction with Comedy Central and recently added notable names) and await the announcement of the finalists so keep your fingers crossed, pray, cast a spell, call an appropriate colleague or, you know, just use whatever your power happens to be and hope the Game Show of HELL finds its place on a matching channel.

See that last paragraph really had nothing to do with this whole little article, but that’s where my head went as they were supposed to announce today “or sometime around” today. Talk about vague.

O.K. I’ll talk about vague.

Shut-up you!

So, in short, I have good thoughts on this “leap day” that we may all be a little more aware and conscious of the time we have and how we deal it into our days… and I want us to be finalists in the festival.

It’s good to get back into the groove of writing regardless of how hard, rough or unfollowable (see, I’m making up words now) it may prove… oh, and happy birthday to all you people subject to grow by every four years instead of one… that’s alien.

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