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11/11/11 11:11 A.M.

November 11, 2011
Found by searching images of 11:11

Richat Structure, Mauritania

A number has surrounded my life with constant reoccurrence and what better day to discuss it than November 11, 2011, 11/11/11. I find it fascinating to hear others talk about similar recurring numbers in their life be it 3, 7, 8, and so forth. What are yours and have you been noticing them or other recurring elements in your life more frequently of late?

Perhaps, some have heard tale of a shifting in consciousness or caught conversation on the next step in human evolution with random individuals or that one friend that remains obsessed with fantasy or drawn to metaphysics. Some subscribe to this or that while others ridicule those who do subscribe to this or that and of course there are those that dismiss such subjects altogether.

Whether you choose to deny or subscribe to the fascination of life is simply that, a choice. They are no strangers. We make them one after another after another. People make the choice to eat chicken or only vegetables, families make the choice to go out to see a movie together or stay in when it’s cold, public figures make the choice to adopt a facade to sell and sometimes to later drop part of that facade. You make one, I make one and another one and another one and another one. I made a choice just a few nights ago to rant into the microphone on my phone for a while as I couldn’t sleep (that’s another story in and of itself). Here I attempt to explain some significance of this date showing one lining up after another. Forgive the syntax and grammar for I was a dreamy mind at the time:

The unity surpassing separations, separations of generations, religions, those grounded in difference of sexual orientation, race, once again religion or domination, denomination within religion and ethnic backgrounds, class, level of education, income. They should somehow land some cohesive tie after 11/11/11. It just shows that we never really connect to one another beyond a 1 on 1 basis and within a perfect trifecta of a one on one and one on one and another 1 on 1. We all stand the chance of being able to empathize if not directly through one another or through one another as couples, be it best friends, be it father son, be it mother daughter, be it cousin to cousin. There is a chance for understood empathy, relative empathy, relative emotional intelligence. Such thought could be a revolutionary, grounding concept to us humans. 

The phrase “don’t judge a [person] until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes comes to mind,” alas, it’s just the rant of a young man who probably had one to many glasses of wine that night. But confessions and life rants aside let us return to the plain date. Did you or someone close to you ever have the fun little game or tradition where you made a wish at 11:11? I always did and sometimes still do, in fact it seems that might be why I decided to release these words at this specific time. I wish for acknowledged, legislated equality all across the board, period. Some will offer their arguments to the contrary and defend the “sanctity” of marriage or bash homosexuals all together in some bizarre, primitive way. Yet, talking anymore about such specifics would only add fuel to a topic that really should, at this point, be a non-issue.

So, I made my wish. I know if you identify as heterosexual it may seem as if it doesn’t involve you but we are all involved and connected in some way and anytime you let a hateful word slide about someone’s sexual orientation, race, class, etc. you just add unneeded kindle. That flame will burn for some time with our present outlook (which is getting better everyone!). Until it is as it should be I will continue to wish… and act… as one human… to another one.

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