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HELL – O Anniversary

October 18, 2011

Exactly one year ago I become a blogger so today I say “HELL” – O Anniversary.

The Game Show of HELL

yes, there's two of me

Some of you may have been wondering why my blog has remained neglected these past two months. I have been writing in other places. One place is with local Uptown, Chicago graphic design company, Andiamo Creative as their Guest Blogger. Another place is with and at local Wrigleyville/Uptown Cafe, Emerald City Coffee as I developed their website, Flickr, Facebook, basically all of their online content; recently I stepped it up for them and changed from my regular daily posts regarding “specials” to writing SEO content highlighting some of their more delectable options. And I’ve also been writing in HELL.

Twilight Edition for the Game Show of HELL

those are my arms babes

Yes, my company Awesomonster has returned to the seedy earth belly of the Underground Lounge at 952 W Newport for another round of the comedy game show, The Game Show of HELL. Chicago goers might have seen some flyers or posters around sporting our mock of “life,” but still might be asking “what is this?” So, here it goes. The Game Show of HELL is an interactive, sketch comedy show featuring seven creative games revolving around a single deadly sin awarding one winner not only a fabulous prize but also a spot in the Final Challenge. The October “Twilight Special” (as the entertainment night stretches to midnight) will feature pre-show and post-show entertainment from stand-ups Sherman Edwards, Eric Oren character Renee Gilbo, live music from Fatally Cool and Valley Dolls and more! The main more is the following show will be a live maybe first-time-ever Chicago production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. How much more Halloween do you want? This month our final challenge will be a face-off between our two remaining post spin-off contestants to compete in a ridiculous way for $100 cash. It is silly, fun and worth loads of laughs.

Incidentally, this show is available for private bookings including birthdays, holiday parties, and only the darkest of anniversaries. BAM! There I tied it into my anniversary post.

Nonetheless to forget shameless display of advertising my own show to those of you who read my posts, I need to do one thing that is far more worth it and thank each of you for reading, commenting and remaining the encouragement that you all are. Blogging, while still a weird word that rolls off my tongue has proven to be a highly effective outlet for me as an artist. Getting my thoughts onto this form of digital print has allowed for me to rant, review and reflect on topics and items of noticeable resonance. It’s been my digital confession, my soapbox and my own personal autobiographical newspaper and though it will soon be getting a facelift of sorts, it is here to stay.

So, just as one year ago I published my “Hello World,” and left it as such today I write a thank-you-note plugged with my other writings ending in HELL … O Anniversary (Now, come to my show).

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