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Mass Emails and Given Circumstance

August 18, 2011

Friends, I never thought I would be writing an article with Warren Buffett in mind. Most of my news comes straight from Colbert and Jon Stewart. Incidentally, I think Stewart was responding to this on The Daily Show the same night I made this entree. But that is neither here nor there at present, onto mass emails and given circumstance.

Warren Buffett and Credo Action

Click on the image to be taken to Credo Action to take online action.

First of all… unless you have subscribed to one of my venues or associated companies I respectfully do not do the mass email thing as I know people regard such contact as “annoying” or “impersonal.” However, when one person knows a lot of people is he or she really expected to make a personalized email to hundreds of people? Ask yourself how many FaceBook “friends” you have. Or again, ask yourself how many Twitter “followers” do you have. I say irrelevant. What counts is people who are at least listening and hopefully participating in the conversation. That said, if you did not receive my earlier email as part of Credo Action it follows here:

Whether you know me as an Awesomonster Comedian from Chicago, a host of Uptown Variety Live or Green Screen Variety Hour, or a performer from Theatre Memphis or various other things from my favorite southern city, I am cashing in one of my two all contact emails per year. [Here I inserted the name of the main recipient in question with a witty comment and] Bcc’d [everyone else] to protect their privacy… deal.
Our economy could recover quickly or sludge ahead at a preposterously slow pace. Here, as my nerdy self I quote Spiderman, “With great power comes great responsibility (to be more accurate it’s Uncle Ben).” I ask all of you why do the rich continue to receive a weighted relief in this time of stress? Is it because they are more intelligent than most? Maybe more than more one would think… or maybe they are family members of old money coasting on behalf of a “dignified name.” Nonetheless, they are our monetary leaders and as leaders they should set an example of the utmost contribution.
Personally, all I can do is strive to become a debt-free American and pay what I owe both in money and in service. I have continued to do that to the best of my ability within the given circumstance. Perhaps annoyingly to some, but regardless, I share various politically charged items on FaceBook and Twitter rather regularly as I believe this outlet contributes to a giant voice of the public made readily accessible and ultra-convenient.
Here is my most recent share.
You can find out more information and sign the petition at the link below:
Apologies again for the sometimes perceived “impersonal” mass email… yet, ironically, this is very personal to many of us.
Way of the World by Ron Suskind

a future

So, I know I say a mouthful every now and again and sometimes may appear a little crass due to my blunt nature. Yet hear this! In my estimation political exchange is so woefully inhibited by mitigation and strategically developed facades (with the idea of the permanent campaign in mind *see Ron Suskind’s Way of the World) that the truth has become a devalued asset of communication. It has become more of listen to what I want you to think I’m saying rather than what I’m actually saying. Why so much spin? In truth, representatives are very fearful of their constituents as they know, ultimately, there are way more of “us” than of “them.” But in a much more prevalent truth “us” and “them” remains the same thing. We are all one being walking around on this planet trying to make ends meet. Some will sacrifice “them” to get ahead while others look to “us” as dignified, exalted faces. Right and wrong is becoming to manufactured and everyone would benefit from taking one step back to look at the larger scope of “us” as a country, a continent and as a global population of various faces all subject to their own given circumstance.

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  1. Megan permalink
    August 28, 2011 02:01

    I’m not gonna stop trying to talk to u until u talk back nick. I am family. Even if u did move all the way up there.

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