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Chicago Tribune, the Kingdom Tower, Morning Coffee

August 3, 2011
Over Morning Coffee with The Chicago Tribune

Ryan Haggerty's article from the Chicago Tribune, click image to view

Over my morning coffee at Emerald City Coffee I read a good article in the Chicago Tribune written by Ryan Haggerty featuring a future Kingdom Tower.

This supreme structure will be in Saudi Arabia.

What? Someone still reads the paper? Yes, let me tell the two-sentence story. Recently, I wrote an online article for Andiamo Creative regarding the Windy City Ribfest logo, interviewed people at various places inside of the festival my first of which was the Chicago Tribune tent where I paid $13 for a subscription. It has become a morning ritual to turn actual pages (rather than click away) while I sip caffeinated goodness.

Back to relevant writing, taking out the Chicago Tribune business section cause a popping headline to point my way. “Chicagoans’ design towers over the rest,” which continues on page 3 with “Chicago architects are facing sky-high expectations” shows once again the ever-changing history of our stretch towards the stratus. I will not be quoting the article at length (as I want you to read it, click here to do read the online version, … or pick up a copy at news stands today, duh), but simply wanted to something good in these few remaining morning moments as I need to go get ready for Obama’s birthday reception in Uptown… although, I don’t know why I’m getting ready; I wasn’t invited. However, I do tend to crash with style.

Crashing is the last thing on the minds of the ever soaring achievements for Chicago architects. Noting Haggerty’s article, whom you can follow here @RyanTHaggerty, we see plans for the biggest building to date as part of a multi-billion dollar development named Kingdom City. As thy kingdom comes here we stand as Americans to top the world in the ego driven, mine is bigger, standing ovation for the biggest land erection of our futures.

All phallic wordplay aside, I would like to see an article reporting status at Ground Zero and the proposed “Freedom Tower.”

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