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Friends With Benefits

August 1, 2011

On my way to a matinée at the Davis Theater I hit a line of people who undoubtedly were in line to see Cowboys and Aliens, so, I opted (on a whim) to watch a film by Will Gluck, Friends With Benefits.

Friends with Benefits by Will Gluck

Friends With Benefits, click image, purchase tickets

Starring Justin Timberlake, Mila Kunis and Patricia Clarkson this movie could not have been a better source of afternoon delight. In short, my attraction to the romantic comedy has been renewed. In fact, my next planned movie outing is no doubt, Crazy, Stupid, Love. However, back to the flick at hand (and speaking of hand), Dylan and Jamie (Timberlake and Mila) after a cute work-related introduction vow to give one another a helping hand of sexual flavor, hold the emotions. To add some sex vibe variety we get co-worker Tommy (Woody Harrelson) who in a subtle yet highly applaudable performance breaks away from the overplayed gay stereotype. His performance gives a fresh meaning to the phrase “a man’s man.” Adding Jamie’s mother, Lorna (Clarkson) leaves us with even more of a good time and an endearing moment between mother and daughter revisiting the idea of prince charming. This moment is only trumped by the sweet father-son-scene where Dylan removes his pants to sit with his debilitated dad Mr. Harper played by Richard Jenkins.

Other critics may claim re-hash or play the “been done” card to slam this comedy. Nonetheless, by now we all are familiar with the formula. If you see some good performances laying on top of a shameless sexuality message and take away a smile then I call that a good time. Everyone needs a good time now and again. And what we see here is that two friends let it get physical then go back to being friends only to see the truth of how these heightened ecstasy states only fuel established love. I commend this fun movie for all its frivolity layered with tasteful feelings and touch worthy pictures.

Putting a sexual spin on a rating scale let’s rate this film by penis size, the smallest of which I’ve seen was 3 inches (poor guy) and the biggest of which I’ve seen was 11 inches (no witty parenthetical statement here). So, on a 3 to 11 scale I give this a 7.5 (guys, that’s more than above average, be proud)!

The long and short of it, you can have your blow ’em up, shoot ’em up scenarios if you want– there is no shortage– but as for myself, I guess I’m just seeking a little more romance in my life, even if that means Friends With Benefits.

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  1. August 3, 2011 10:01

    really looking forward to seeing this one

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