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Born Yesterday

July 29, 2011

When it comes to the heart,

Few men know where to start,

Let’s say you find feelings for a man on your team,

You know him to be smart, a fighter who’s sometimes mean,

Nonetheless behind his eyes though dark they may be the light shining within outweighs the obscene,

Vanished for days, whereabouts unknown to all in the round

Tirelessly you work though this forboding feeling

His being there will only thwart

The other men on your court.

Another man, you chose to fall,

Handles right, yet, not you at all,

For in his eyes maybe you are more like a brother,

Or that guy that is around, feels like I am gonna smother,

One makes it very clear how he feels in this mix, the other can’t see this outside of common quick tricks,

All in all you wear your heart out-loud alongside the sleeve

For others to see as if viewed within a pensieve

This one is a kind gentle man

Get along easy if you can.

These two men, born on this day,

Though separate, one year away,

You’ve come to love them in different ways,

Neither holds you stronger with unintended sway,

But one thing is clear, to not grow so weary, perhaps let them both go, be found a little more cheery

I know one of them likes me, if not one, then two,

Man loving man knowing not what to do,

At least, admit to yourself

Feel that which is true.

Meeting eyes hold few secrets

To those having felt this before

Unattended games yet we all know the score

And the stories told again by guys who refuse to share or admit,

Ah, I should’ve have written this days ago or maybe even a year, think how many more eyes that are queer

May land on this page to see some are with courage, not afraid,

To sling all of their feelings in the fray

(I feel you, these things I know)

I wasn’t born yesterday.

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  1. August 16, 2011 22:41

    This poem reminded me of one of my favorite songs by a homosexual musician:

    Listen carefully. It’s so powerful.

    You’re a great poet. You should write more of it!

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