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A Celtic Cross Charm

June 19, 2011

Among three rests a Celtic cross charm. Occasionally, times when I am out wearing a t-shirt my necklace dangles about. “Where did you get that?” And the story ensues.

one of three charms

the orb charm

“I found this on the kindergarden playground when I was five years old,” I say. “You found that?” someone asks. “Yes, all three of these charms just like this. Not on this chain though. It was on a black rope; last summer that rope broke and I had to tie it a little tighter, then it broke again and then it broke a third time and after I tied it that time I couldn’t pull it over my head to take it off, so, I just left it on all the time.” That’s where the story would stop generally. But as most stories go there is an extended version and last night I found the story to be ongoing.

After the Green Screen (a show I host with the ongoing theme of my dealing with Showcase Syndrome [a disease I have where I exist under the continuing delusion that I run a talk show]) Laura Hugg and I walked to the Underground Lounge where a friend was hosting his gig “Grant Pearl Comedy.” Tonight was a benefit for Joplin disaster plus I really enjoyed a couple of the stand-ups I’d seen perform there last time around. I met Mr. T’s daughter, Erica Nicole Clark, who was absolutely fabulous and incidentally opened the show bookended by a set from local comedian Marty DeRosa (who will totally make you think of Charlie from It’s Always Sunny) that tore my sides up with laughter. All around just a funny night until I was taking a piss and heard a little ping.

Looking down I saw one of my charms had fallen out of my pants leg. I felt for my chain and it had broke. Wow, I had had a few drinks but, you know that suddenly sober feeling that just sometimes hit ya? Here I am in the bathroom with a guy banging on the door outside shaking my pants leg and feeling all up and down my shirt, undershirt, etc. until I found my little ball, the second charm. I look, I look, I look, “Hold on a second. I’ll be right out.” It’s not here, I think. “Oh sorry man, I just about can’t hold it.” Big guy rushes by me. The comedy is over. I’m floating around and ask Danny to use the mic real quick and say like “Hey, I know we’ve all been watching comedy and laughing and stuff but I have a necklace that I’ve had since I was five years old; it broke and one of the charms are around here somewhere. It’s a celtic cross with a little yellow stone in the center. If ya’ll see it let me know, thanks.” And I continue to float around the bar.

Becca at the bar sees my need and hands me a light. Where is it? Looking up. “Hey man you were great. Come here, you’re just adorable.” O.K. so, that instant sobriety kinda fades now that I see the guy that reminds me of Charlie and I pull his head to my chest hugging him. “Just adorable,” I say. “Oh, yeah, I like adorable that’s great,” he says. “I’m Marty.” We exchange names, my search goes on I hug Matt Riggs and give Danny shit, both guys I like to catch on stage whenever. This search seems pointless.

meaning strength

the rune charm

“Well, I’m about to go doll,” Laura says and I walk up with her. “I’m going to go or I’m gonna wanna smoke.” “I know the feeling,” I say. “Goodnight doll.” I’m smoking. There’s the lady. “Hey, so you were great tonight. I’m Nick.” “I’m Erica.” “Lovely to meet you. You were hysterical. You know, I always think ‘what’s true and what’s not’ in everyone’s sets and I just had to ask are you really Mr. T’s daughter?” “Yes, I am. It was all true.” “Wow, that is awesome! So Marty, do you really work at Costco?” “I do,” he says. Here I stand with two of the funnier people in Chicago, cross-less.

How many lost symbols are out there?

Marty offers Erica a lift. I drop my cigarette case and things go their own directions. Back inside I’m telling Becca the extended version. “So after that it finally broke again and I got another chain. The one my friend Amanda offered me didn’t fit and I don’t know where I got that one and you know, it’s weird. That’s something I’ve had for twenty-five years.” “Yeah, but you know, maybe it was just time for someone else to find it,” Becca says. I agree by saying, “Guess it was no longer my cross to bear.”

Funny the way our lives cross paths with people and things winding up in all these places and all these times.

And on our stories go.

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