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Earth (the book) A Visitor’s Guide to the Human Race

June 10, 2011

originally posted on Uptown UpdateSometimes you just gotta laugh so you won’t cry and if The Onion makes you laugh till you cry then I recommend you sit on the toilet with this book for $h*t$ and giggles.

Jon Stewart’s Earth (the book) A Visitor’s Guide to the Human Race is an excellent choice of hilarity. Over 240 pages means one can easily find over 240 reasons to chuckle and snort or insert your laugh of choice. Due to its nice size (not to mention contents), it makes an excellent wrapped package to exchange. “Buy two,” copies and share the funny (available at your local…well, if things aren’t as local anymore you can still get it online. I mean, we all know by now that one chain filed for chapter 11 and closed over half of their stores and the other mainly survived due to it’s early grab of the e-book revolution but how long can a dark, parenthetical, pointing at the fall of our economy joke last).
A Visitor's Guide to the Human Race

Click here to buy Earth (the book)

I first read (and sold) this book back when I worked at one of the above mentioned corporations. However, seeing Larry King on The Daily Show of late made me recall an image that has been forever seared into my retinas. That said, folks, for those of you who enjoy witty delivery on basically every worthy subject imaginable paramount to the evolution and survival of our divine species, well, like that famous sauce, it’s in [here]. But more importantly for those of you who (and I am talking to the vast American majority here) who do not like to read, this is the book for you. Earth (the book) is choked full of over 256 pages of eye pleasing pictures, complete with illustrations, photos, charts, graphs and many other visual aids. For those less inclined to fool your friends by staring end upon end at never ending letters from the English alphabet while never truly taking a word from the page, this book will for sure allow you to impress your peers by how quickly it leaves you, the less-likely reader, turning pages.

Crossing from commerce to culture while spanning through government, society and science and highlighted with a two page spread featuring half a Larry King, Earth (the book) A Visitor’s Guide  to the Human Race plays hysterical notes across our great globe.
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