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Ranting Religulous Review

May 23, 2011
Bill Maher from Religulous

Bill Maher and an actor playing Jesus

My favorite spoken portamento and a conversation launching film all in one, Religulous left me in stitches with great exchange to boot. This is another hybrid review/inspired rant.

Just last night I watched this with a buddy finding myself screeching with irony induced laughter as only two nights ago I was chuckling to myself writing a quick blurb while waiting on the train at Morse (see Still Here). Tie-ins, coincidences and or miracles such as asking for it to rain only to feel the drops immediately afterward exist from our perspective or in other words, it’s all in how you frame it. There are too many uncanny instances for me to label as simply coincidence but at the same time miracle implies a connotation that just isn’t quite right either. Groping for a word to describe these line-ups, synchronicity works best for me.

Some take offense to Bill Maher’s unapologetic message to the overall institution of organized religion. I do not fall in that lot. While his approach might be abrasive to some it is refreshing to me. Many times I’ve shied away from speaking out against what my family may think or say due to their church heritage and often when voicing reason I was only met with defensive hostility; my guess is a nice suit, preceding reputation and a film crew can help alleviate the confrontation. Along his journey he interviews an Arkansas senator, a “cured,” gay man and casually discusses among Jesus-actor and strangers long-spanning historical similarities of religious deities.

“Foot in mouth,” doesn’t capture the expression on this leader’s face when faced with reason itself. Bill says, “We are now among industrialized modern nations the most religious nation. A recent study found that among 32 countries more people in this country doubted evolution than any other country on that list except I think it was Turkey.” This is astounding. But as Senator Mark Pryor says, “You don’t have to pass an I.Q. test to be in the Senate though.”

Speaking of I.Q. you need not be a genius to see the truth cross between Maher and Pastor John Westcott of Exchange Ministries. I am highly familiar and concerned with the idea to pray-gay-away as it can only do long-term harm to a man’s mind. See the above link to witness how easy it is to be turned around (at least if you are a pastor in an argument).

Holy Land Experience proves a “welcome to our world,” attraction and what a world it is. “We’ve got Krishna… Mithra… Horace…”  and Bill goes on relating these identities to this Jesus-actor who later eloquently lays out an analogy of the holy trinity.

Words are great but figures fascinate. These comparative percentages concerning these U.S. minorities proved illuminating:

  • Jewish-1.4%
  • Black-12.2%
  • Gay-3%
  • NRA-1.3%
  • Non-Religious 16%

At least gays are higher than guns.

Religion can be a bad thing. How many soldiers have went to war for god and country fighting a later unveiled, unjust cause? Belief systems can be good but not by defenestrating logic and certainly not at the cost of life. My god is not better than your god and vice versa. In fact, they are probably the same.

Evolution is an understood, proven, scientific reality that regardless of approval remains true. Homosexuality is not a disease, hence, needs no cure. Numerous similarities exist between many religious deities including Horace, Mithra, Jesus and more. Instead of dismissing such facts, accepting these truths would create a through-line for many cultures/subcultures and ultimately dismantle the war machine fueled by difference in opinion and absurd argument. As I have mentioned and as is a focus of my upcoming one man show I was raised Southern Baptist but through my continuing self-education grew beyond my limited viewpoint. A commendable argument offered from the mouth of Bill Maher lays this out in the fashion of his custom blunt wit.

Bill Maher Religulous

Click here to buy Religulous.

Balancing full throttle final thoughts delivered by Bill Maher from Megiddo, Israel, my mind falls on my family and how harshly they would receive such a message. For a person who has lived their entire life devoted to instilled idealistic principles, facing these fabrications without an alternative will prove jarring to say the least. I have faced my own religion around 30, Bill Maher has done it later in life and through higher thoughts even you, my dear family, can come to realize religion for what it really is. Religion is an institution that offers a set of beautifully written stories blended with history as a guiding text on which to establish a society, moderate their behaviors and justify opposition towards enemy populations of separate cultures and beliefs. Regardless of any facts set forth in the ancient texts the degree of translations and interpretations applied leave only shades behind which stand political figures that either falsely pronounce “for God and country” (to rally support and vote count) or simply remain in the dark.

To quote George W. Bush, “We are in a conflict between good and evil.” Guess what makes up good and evil; through our belief-inspired actions, we do.

For those who contemplate now as “end times” of an unbeknownst Armageddon please know that by subscribing to this potential prophecy you are helping to create it (that’s a bad thing); for all our sakes, hurry and wake up.

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