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Still Here

May 21, 2011

Contrary to unpopular belief, there was not a second coming today; we’re all still here and I bet we will all still be here at midnight and I bet we will all (for the most part) still be here at sunrise. So, what I’m saying is if, at this point, we still do not not have an overall understanding/agreement as to what God actually is then how can we possibly predict a specific date and time as to when God will reveal its presence as part of our existence or as an element of judgement. Now, we’re going to get briefly personal in that my understanding “god” grew from the foundations of a Southern Baptist upbringing (and all the mental torture that entrails for a man like myself) to now knowing “god” as an attainable essence of consciousness wherein the human race can reflect upon its own existence as a walking element of change and evolution while setting all religious tension aside. As an awakened joint-consciousness, we, as a global population will realize our responsibility as said population to create what will ultimately be our own personal Heaven or our own world-wide Hell. A simple blurb can never hope to encompass all the details concerning such a realization, so, I guess it must wait until
tomorrow or the next, or I daresay the next.

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