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Source Code

April 20, 2011

Source Code provides for a realization of entertainment that merits repeating.

Anyone who frequents the movies may find themselves stumped by a paralyzing plethora of sequels for the summer line-up of silver screen cinema.  Thankfully, like a man emerging from a cold, metallic chamber taking in a much-needed breath, writer Ben Ripley lays out a script of clock breaking originality.

An inbound Chicago train contains a bomb which, in one reality, has exploded. Believed to be the first of many attacks on our fair city, one man holds the  needed neuro-know-how.

Soldier Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal, Brokeback Mountain, 2005 ) awakes to find himself at the core of an experimental homeland protection program where the subject undergoes “time reassignment,” for a duration of eight minutes in order to recover data to avert future atrocious acts.  Proving a jarring task for a performer, Jake delivers a highly believable sense of initial disorientation traveling through a well-sustained arc of discovery into a grounded sense of his transubstantiated self.

While having to cope with blinding bursts hurling Stevens back into the loop, he faces a mirror to see a face not his own.  He inhabits another man’s body, one of similar physiological traits.   Cycling through suspects while retrieving bits of data our Quantum Leap-like soldier is guided by the face of Coleen Goodwin (Vera FarmigaUp in the Air, 2009) who must eventually make a choice of epic moral proportions concerning the duty and duration for the future program, the weight of which lands within the full circle journey of dueling dualities and parallel worlds.

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Ironically, during always approaching chaos the chance for love at first sight remains on continuously play as our protagonist falls for Christina Warren (Michelle MonaghanGone Baby Gone, 2007) only to see her die time and time again.  Compelled and driven towards absolute truth Colter mangles his way past repetition and panning paranoia through multi-dimensional plot lines racing to the hub of the downtown Chicago transit heart.

Among others within the intimate cast of characters are Dr. Rutledge (Jeffrey Wright, Casino Royale, 2006) the man in charge of the current version of the project and Derek Frost (Michael Arden, The Good Shepherd, 2006).

Finally, to those bent towards a disposition where nothing can be original, only rediscovered and rehashed, I simply quote Colter’s character, “It’s the same train but it’s different.”

Source Code is a refreshing flash of timely thought-provoking escapism directed by Duncan Jones (Moon, 2009).

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