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The Warriors

March 25, 2011

The Warriors in a few words: fearlessly brave and entertaingly honest.

Mary Hollis Inboden is a survivor of the 90’s West Side Middle School shooting.   The Warriors presents a hybrid of true personal testimony and creative narrative in a night of theatre that champions original productions.

Entering the space reveals mingling memories moving floor to roof from a multicolored patchwork rug to an ornately fashioned ceiling with dozens upon dozen of jewels as reflective as thought itself.   Join a cast of company favorites as haunting nostalgia forms framework of southern support lending hands to fellow victims reaching across isolating distances of damaging truth.

Juggling the self-imposed defense wall of distance and the need to reconnect drives the ambivalent journey leading Mary Hollis (playing herself) across the canvas of fellow survivors, sacred scrapbooks and shared messages of “victim art.”  JC  (Whit Nelson) remains at arms length from any approach towards the topic while a clutching Camille (Nicole Pellegrino) reveals this history as an integral part of all their characters, no matter how far one runs; this tender woman is seen gripping her necklace as if always grasping at an ongoing prayer.  Through the emotional arc lines of saving grace provide for relief from the awkward and stark reality such as with “a teaspoon of bullshit in a gallon of ice-cream.” Perspective resonates through the profiled and subtly round audience as Danny (Sarah Gitenstein) professes “You weren’t there!” working through her down days with the strong anchor of her partner Logan (Michael Peters).  Polarized play comes to a point with a stopping realization as Danny discovers neighbor Curtis (also played by Nicole Pellegrino) houses one of the school shooters, Mitchell Johnson.  Post googling the NPR interview new romantic interest Jeff (Wes Needham) nods Mary Hollis along her travel amidst fractured facts encouraging her to extend a simple Thanksgiving invitation.  Leading to a closing moment of gathered healing we all witness the power of support and importance of simple acts and small steps even if, at the time, all it means is simply clicking on the button marked “send.”

Send yourself to a great night of touching, witty testimonial located at 3408 N Sheffield, The Second Stage (formerly known as The Left Stage) housing this unique, progressive collaboration from a group that is clearly leading the way in live innovative storytelling, The New Colony. Purchase your passes at the door or in advance on their webpage for $25 and return anytime through the run of the show.  The show is at 7:30 and continues through April 17th.

While these heavy memories remain core the piece contains exquisite savvy and lighthearted delivery poignantly fashioned through Mary Hollis Inboden’s impeccable timing and endearing confession that will forever reside in the heart of these young survivors, The Warriors.

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