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And Another Card

February 18, 2011

While I get caught up in the layout or arc of a story sometimes I wonder if that makes my point vague to some readers.  I certainly embrace subtlety and nuance in my writing but I do want to be clear about the previous entry.
Initially, I thought about calling the blog Orson Scott Tard as his views concerning gay marriage are buried by a biased indoctrinated perspective.  Yet, I was torn for it seemed to me to simply write off OSC by saying, “I’ll never read/buy his books again,” leaves me, in some ways, on his level.  I shan’t be inhibiting a book or two of his from selling by advocating against it; he’s doing that job for me.  And while his words will continue to sway his audience in his desired direction they also daily denigrate his reputation.  Why?  Because his view is, like that age old belief of the world being flat, dated and wrong.
In short, if one remains diametrically opposed to purchasing a small book by Orson Scott Card due to his beliefs and practices (which I fully  understand and support as a choice) then one should reconsider some of the larger investments of his or her life.  Where do you work?  Where do you bank?  What are the factory working conditions surrounding the manufactured clothing label of choice?
For those who truly want to start the adventure of becoming an awakened consumer I have another author to recommend, Naomi Klein, author of The Shock Doctrine and No Logo.  As many, many bookstores will be closing in the next few months (Borders Group, Inc. recently filed for Chapter 11 and will be closing over 200 stores in the chain), I have provided links to pages for each newly suggested title.  So, add that information to your deck and put that card in your hand.  Happy weekend and happy shopping.

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