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Snowy Silhouette Skies

February 2, 2011

One month ago I was returning from the New Years trip of my life thus far, today I was reminded of those same skies of Glennie, Michigan.

Eastern dragonesque skies race across my memory as I fondly envision the wisps of Kate’s hair blending with crackles of the outdoor daylight fire while one of my newest friends Ryan sits pensively, occasionally nodding his head into his recently acquired shaman walking stick.  I have never seen a more beautiful sky.

While the road trip began 6 days before, driving ’round the great lake from Chicago with a pit stop in Indiana, passing past Bay City (Madonna’s birthplace) and on into the little bear property of 4 log cabins, the actual trip began about 5 hours before it ended.

In my mind I count 9 of us around the great table of the main lodge while we eat our small fill some of which are peanut butter, bananas and, of course, mushrooms before heading outside across the melting lake and into the enigmatic forest of shades.

I warn all that I am very much going my own way but that I would be in and out of their existence and whether they knew it or not that is exactly what we were all in store for that gorgeous day.

Crossing the beaver bridge lent to my moment of filling it come, in the moment, and filling in the others with feelings of welcome as I say, “Welcome to the other side.” Up the hill just a few steps is when it hits Erik, he apologizes, “sorry guys,” only to kneel before the forest to vomit a couple of times.  Walking by, I notice he’s alright and continue on my way with the flighty fairy named Amanda close behind immersed in moment after moment of fantastic jubilation.

At one point, I stopped, overwhelmed, noting where I was, standing, as just two nights previous I heard Kate’s voice scream across the lake, “Help!  Wolves!”  Eric and I had been searching for a concerned minute as she had disappeared for the last hour.  She screamed;  I bolted as quickly as one can through 2 feet snow drifts, down the hill towards the lake;  We met.  She collapsed once she reached snowy footing away from the ice.  It was night.  “There were eyes, all around me, eleven of them,” Kate said.  “It’s o.k., you’re safe now.  I had my knife ready, you see?  Just in case I had to fight them away.”  She took no notice past her own racing heart, aching knees and prolonged breaths.  Eric reached us, “Why would you do that Kate?”  After a breath, “I was just walking; I don’t know.  I just wanted to be alone man.”

But I realize I’m in the past now and keep walking past the place I’ve never seen but know only to well.  I hear another yell, this time from the other side of the lake; I’m in her place and she in mine.  Dennis is with her as Eric was with me.  “Wooooooooooooo-uh!”  She calls with vivid lingering echo through our isolated heaven of escape.  I quicken my pace walking through overwhelming colors of autumn somehow left untouched by the breath of mother winter.  The ground plants appear monstrous and somehow I know that I’m a part of this great vision that I can somehow view and yet simultaneously realize I am not separate from any form I see.  I stand at the edge of the lake flooded with arrays of light breaking the stratus and bending off glacious fragments of iridescent ice.  The bridge I crossed is now across from me in this sight.  It is day.  Flowing winds are my emotions as they carry me closer to the lodge and away from my crossed over companions some of which remain very new to this bifurcated reality.  Andrew and Cristin, Ryan’s brother Kevin and his friend Brendan some of which were and some of which were not but all of which were still on the other side in their own adventures and mesmerizing laughs and guffaws are a few to name.

Yet here I am knowing my story, past the fire and the ice and the strands of Kate’s hair on up into the breath-taking sight of the glorious sky and full on touches from an ever moving pugnaciously effervescent gale.  It was mine.  It was ours.  We were loved and smiled upon. And amidst today’s state of emergency blizzard aftermath of Chicago 2011, on a walk with Robert, I saw an almost same sky beyond the outline of reminiscence.

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