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The Female Dog of Retail

December 2, 2010

The true “nightmare,” before Christmas comes in the form of varied shapes sizes and levels of volatility and is more commonly called the customer.  Anyone that has worked retail albeit in the realm of clothing, video games, books or heaven forbid a huge department store knows the terror of these present holidays.

Expectations of exceptional customer service have gone beyond absurdity leaving what was once known as the “exception,” to be expected as rule, customer rule.  May we all take pause together for one brief moment to truly ponder the expression, “The customer is always right.”  In all honesty, the customer is usually wrong presents a better reality.  For sake of generic example think of a person asking you to find something, “I don’t know really know the name of it,” but it was over here in this “part of the store last year… and it’s green.”  Great!  Depending on your store of choice this informed holiday shopper could be looking for bosc pears, some form of The Incredible Hulk or the latest sweater fashion fresh off the coast of the Pacific Rim.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love a challenge and always approach such requests with the utmost integrity.  This proves easier when a customer prefaces a request with some equivalent line or “I know this is a long-shot but…”

Not always getting what you want doesn’t always justify reasons for calling to the big guy upstairs.

Being immersed in the industry during the last three years gives me first hand knowledge of both how ridiculous in store attacks can become and how faintly it has approved since six years ago when my ear caught wind of an incident involving death by stampede on Black Friday.  Evolve a little more this season on into next year and remember the person across a counter or on the other end of the line to be your equal, not your bitch.

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