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Be Gay and Love

November 17, 2010

Who wants to hear the ranting sob story of a hopeless romantic finding himself in the ongoing cycle of “straight crushes?”  I’ve mentioned on many occasions that I want to be with “a man.”  This is not to evoke gender roles of society, but rather, it means I find myself attracted to people possessing predominately masculine furies.  Risking the stereotype, I must confess these chaps aren’t the majority of the mix when one decides to venture into the gay arena of clubs and social nightlife.

Closet cases, self-proclaimed bisexuals and other bent guys on the “DL,” often catch my eyes but threaten my heart and in extreme instances have threatened my very life.

So, in this entry “Be Gay and Love,” is not meant to call back to the end of my earlier entree, but is left as a reminder to every reader that one can be “Gay,” (both happy and queer) and remain an embodiment of “Love,” to all those who remain conflicted and curious.  Offering a short confession, I know first hand many, many, many men like this who seek therapy correction, are tossed out of their homes for eventual honesty or choose to live a lie only to ruin a marriage 32 years later.  In these days the gay society, while often readily associated with promiscuity, should not be judged for simply searching for their John.

And to be topical, if a political figure not unlike Sarah Palin can achieve recognition for coining a word appropriate to an instance, then the common everyday Johns should receive at least moderate recognition for their ability to recognize and refute the current sexual status quo and repudiate themselves from the indoctrinated population while we all expedite the oncoming revolution and readily embrace the meaning of “machiavellianism.”

-Nicholas Dale Taylor

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  1. Ian Robson permalink
    November 18, 2010 15:46

    such a great post. Very honest, subtle, perfect.
    You are extremely verbose and intimate here.

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