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Sexual Entree

October 24, 2010

People become paralyzed when they first consider a new taste.  Whether bitter-sweet or tangy and hot could the first entry ever be the greatest?  Rarely, does a new comer open a menu for the first time in a newly acclaimed restaurant, point, and say, “I’ll have that,” and then continue eating the same thing for the rest of his or her life.  Such is the case with lust, love and romance.  I have come to hope that such a case for monogamous eats may still exist for some modern chivalric exchange which springs forth into a shared bite and blossoms beyond the mental attraction and commitment, but like any man who is me, I know different.

Recently, I confessed an origin of anxiety.  A couple of nights ago I was having a smoke with a hot babe friend of mine.  Into the night it was noticed I was visibly shaking all over from head to toe as if I was suffering from mild hypothermia minus the teeth chattering.  As it wasn’t cold, I pin pointed where it was coming from.  I knew this babe had expressed interest in me but simply couldn’t, “go there.”  Enough with ambiguities, this was a woman.

The next day I confessed my dilemma and with anxiety out the window reminisced of a time in Memphis when I unintentionally triggered such an instance with my fellow-man, yes, a man.

Bottom line, we’re all sexual beings and most of us at one time or another find ourselves attracted to the same gender or opposite gender regardless of our “preference.”  It’s how we face these situations that help us as individuals, a nation, and ultimately a planet of sexual people.  Repression always comes out sideways and when bombarding bullying results in spiking rates in teen suicides it means the deadline for acceptance and tolerance has passed.  Everyone does their part, conscious or not, “Are  you part of the problem or are you part of the solution?”

As Liam Neeson speaks in his wonderful portrayal of Alfred Kinsey, “Everybody’s sin is nobody’s sin, and everybody’s crime is no crime at all.”  Be gay (which also means happy, remember?) and love.

-Nicholas Dale Taylor

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  1. Bryan permalink
    October 24, 2010 18:03

    Jenny comes to mind.

    • October 24, 2010 22:01

      It is true that I loved Jenny for some time and still do, but from my point of view our relationship never became sexually frustrating.

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