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Rapper Kid in Jail

May 23, 2013
Shame we don't teach cursive in schools anymore.

Shame we don’t teach cursive in schools anymore.

Often times I hesitate before writing the first word. I filter my own right of creativity and speech. That’s the most prominent topic in my mind after encountering a jarring article about a young man named Cameron D’ Ambrosio, a YouTube rapper who goes by Cammy Dee.

Cammy posted some of his lyrics on facebook. What happened next? This 18 year old boy found himself in prison. Why? A portion of his song makes reference to the recent, unfortunate Boston marathon bombing. The song also contains expletives and words condemning the government, O’bama and the like. The media, as they often do, took the lyrics out of context for further hype and to coat the matter in a more negative light. To see the lyrics in plain view and hear more about the argument visit Fight for the Future.

After looking at the charges maybe we could all use a timeless review of the Bill of Rights, specifically the 1st amendment.

I know my writing is usually funny or leans toward a spiritual stream of consciousness if you will, but I’ve been hard pressed to write lately. This news called me to arms to not only express my concern for this matter but also to exercise my right to voice my thoughts, freely and without fear of persecution. This young man’s words were, regardless of any interpretation, a creative outlet for a guy who likes rap music. How many violent words can be heard throughout the many great voices of the genre? Why this one young man?

This argument against Cameron D’ Ambrosio is one fueled by ignorance. This young man is locked up, faces charges of communicating a threat of terrorism and a potential 20 years behind bars. Not only was there no mention of a target in Cameron’s performance, there was no evidence to support that Cameron is an actual threat. This is a case of police gusto and stupidity.

In short, all charges should be dropped. It is best summed up by a random comment on Cameron’s YouTube page:

OMG at the top of my voice. I cant believe the government is going after this guy. The only think this guy is guilty of is be a bad raper and beat maker.

Pardon the guy’s typos but you get the point. This kid should not be in jail. Bail is set at 1,000,000 dollars. Hey Usher, go bail him out.

Yesterday and Today

December 22, 2012

We are still here. Remember that conversation traveling across languages. “Hey, the mayan calendar is ending on 12/21/12 and we’re all going to die,” or something to that extent was one sentiment. However, the other side of the coin remains one of spiritual awakening.

rare orchidsYou may consider yourself a skeptic when words like “spirituality,” “collective consciousness,” or the like arise. In addition, some of you may be apprehensive or completely opposed to such conversation as you believe such to be blasphemous or against your religion/belief system. Whatever the position, you are part of this grand thing, something larger than yourself. You are a vessel of human consciousness.

Consider each of us growing from infancy, collecting knowledge through adolescence on into adulthood. We become part of numerous circles, music, theater, business, church, friends, family, work, etc. Those circles influence us and we in turn influence the circle. The higher one’s individual level of awareness or collective awareness happens to be, the greater his, her or their influence. Eventually, movement beyond the circles begins to happen and, concomitantly, greater change.

Reflect upon the change we all continue to experience. Technologically, we rapidly race constantly creating the next generation of gadgets. Socially, one can engage in thousands of micro-connections with countless people across various media platforms. Morally, progress is evident as equality is further embraced. Yet, forward momentum lacks in other arenas. Politically, here in the states, candidates continue the permanent campaign, electing to cater to votes rather than restructuring action. Voters continue the same trends as well with only slight, fresh sight toward third parties. Ironically, countless Americans still place their faith in one man to create all of this change when, in reality, we all co-create. Even if you are politically inactive, that is part of the co-creation. By remaining dormant you allow for an unaltered status quo. Some dismiss inaction by saying things like, “Dude, it is the way it is and it’s never gonna change.” As such remains part of the whole, that influence will be felt for some time to come.

rare orchidsWhat does all this have to do with 2012 or some big awakening? It’s just a tie along the knotted rope. While rare flowers blossom spontaneously, most beautiful things take time and intense cultivation to reach an evolved state of life. Our civilizations are no different. As I said, we are all vessels of consciousness. Minds change, become stagnate, once again inspired and grow in with different branches. Then the individual minds stack into neighborhoods, cities, governments, corporations, religions, schools, countries and finally a vast globe composed of limitless potential. A new world or end thereof will never happen on one given date. We have evolved for years and will for years to come.

It may not happen overnight, but it always moves through both yesterday and today.

Stretching Thin, Tying in

November 25, 2012

Once again, I’ve managed to neglect my own writing for over two months. I could easily say that I’ve been busy with multiple things but who isn’t right? No one’s interested in excuses so I’ll just write.

Pensive Me and R2D2

I give myself a hard time about not being focused. I just love so many things. Don’t I gentlemen?  Seriously, I adore my friends and their music and continually support them in anyway I can (check out; film and theatre remain my absolute passions without question, and dance but that’s too much work. I still try to keep up my piano and trumpet skills on occasion; my sketch group Awesomonster still meets every week for our comedy podcast not to mention I work every day at either Robot City or the International Academy for Performing Arts as an instructor for singing, acting and, randomly, robot building. Plus, I’m a sucker for enjoying my leisure with dorky video games, oh, and I love my books; that’s enough semicolons.

This is starting to sound whiny. “Oh my life is such hard work, woe is me,” I promise that’s not it. I just want to do too many things. The footage I’ve recorded from the last year alone is enough to keep my busy for the next two. And I keep hearing, “What’s holding you back?” and “Get an agent already.” Alas, here I am blogging, entertaining the idea that someday I might pair my words together in such a way that I might achieve the beginnings of a comparison to a future Sedaris or Augusten Burroughs (my life has equally compelling stories, they’re just a little more Harry Potter in nature). So, while I fancy being a better writer I understand my volume isn’t high enough to have gained the experience points I need to reach such a level. However, what about all that I other stuff I do?

Some way, my feeling stretched thin this long is going to pay off in end. Perhaps, everything will tie in together during my next big push to revolutionize global thought. Wait… but when was my first big push? Another life I guess.

Just for sake of writing and because I miss doing it, I’m bringing back Nick’s Picks. However in the world that relates to all this other stuff I’m doing, I don’t know but people have told me they miss it and I like giving people what they want… most of the time. Maybe I should fix that and become a hedonist… but what about my favorite quote:

If there is no struggle there is no progress. -Fredrick Douglass

My life is like a robot. There’s a lot of little parts and eventually I’ll see how they all go together to make this monstrous, awesome, musical, beautifully creative thing (yes, my robot would play music).

Friends and strangers everywhere, raise a glass with me over time and space. Here’s to the struggle. Cheers to progress.


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